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About Us

Whitaker Bank is dedicated to providing exceptional banking experiences to our fellow Kentuckians. We live in the communities we serve and work diligently to serve the needs of our neighbors, while providing a reasonable return to shareholders.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is achieved through planning, sound loans and investments, continuous educational training, and marketing a broad array of financial products and services designed to satisfy the needs of the customer and the community.

Personal service distinguishes our bank from the competition, and our local ownership ensures that our reinvestment efforts are in Kentucky communities.

Management realizes that a community preparing for tomorrow depends on a strong financial institution that is capable of meeting those challenges. We are locally owned, community oriented, conveniently located...Whitaker Bank is...Uniquely Kentucky!

Whitaker Bank Logo

Whitaker Bank Corporation’s logo serves as a visual representation of the Uniquely Kentucky spirit of our institution.

The logo is based on the geometric basket pattern that appears in traditional quilt designs. A basket is an appropriate symbol, because, like a bank, it serves as a container for valuable objects. The basket also represents the valuable handmade crafts that are rooted in Kentucky.

Blue and yellow were selected as the colors because of their connotation of trustworthiness and endearment, both characteristics of friendship.

The Basket Logo serves as a representative image for all operations of Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky.

Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky History

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Elmer Whitaker as Whitaker Bancorp, what is now Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky has expanded from five locations within three counties to 45 banking locations within 17 counties. Throughout the years, the company has further grown and enhanced service to our customers by constructing 22 branches in the communities served in addition to numerous renovations and expansions of existing branches. Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky continues to be a family-owned bank holding company that is dedicated to offering advanced banking services while maintaining the personal service expected of a community bank.

Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky Through the Years


Mr. Elmer Whitaker acquired three bank charters in September 1978 in the state of Kentucky: Peoples Bank & Trust in Berea, First National Bank of Carlisle, and Powell County Bank in Stanton and Clay City. The banks were operated as independent, separate companies for several years.


In February 1985, Mr. Whitaker purchased State National Bank of Frankfort and formed a bank holding company. All four banks became subsidiaries of Whitaker Bancorp, Inc. in June of 1985.

1985 - 1989

Whitaker Bancorp, Inc. grew significantly between 1985 and 1989, with the acquisition of the Bank of Whitesburg, Garrard Bank & Trust, Morehead National Bank, and First National Bank & Trust of Georgetown. In addition to these acquisitions, Peoples Bank & Trust was expanded into Richmond, Kentucky in December of 1987 and became known as Peoples Bank & Trust of Madison County. Then in the fall of 1988, the holding company opened a finance company in Hazard, Kentucky under the name of Mountain Credit Corporation.


In January 1992, the holding company was restructured, and the present holding company, Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky, was formed. Acquisition sparked growth again in July of 1992, when the holding company purchased the Corinth Bank in Grant County.


The Grant County charter was moved to Lexington in October of 1993 and became Whitaker Bank.

1996 - 1999

In March of 1996, Mount Sterling National Bank became the tenth bank subsidiary of Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky. Soon after, in 1997, the holding company decided to internally merge two bank subsidiaries, Garrard Bank & Trust and First National Bank of Carlisle, into Whitaker Bank. The purpose of the merger was to better serve the customers by allowing access to their accounts in multiple counties. The last acquisition of the nineties occurred in September of 1999, when Peoples Bank & Trust of Madison County acquired the Waco branch of National City Bank.

2000 - 2001

The internal mergers continued as the Powell County Bank became a part of Whitaker Bank; at the same time Whitaker Bank was expanded into Wolfe County by opening a location in the community of Campton, Kentucky. In July 2001, the Bank of Whitesburg also merged into Whitaker Bank. This merger resulted in converting Mountain Credit Corporation into a full service bank and renaming it Whitaker Bank-Perry County.


State National Bank of Frankfort, First National Bank of Georgetown, Morehead National Bank, and Mount Sterling National Bank were merged into Whitaker Bank. In addition to the internal mergers, four Union Planters’ branches located in Corbin and Williamsburg were acquired and brought into Whitaker Bank in March 2004.


In December of 2005, Berea National Bank was acquired by Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky, which expanded Peoples Bank coverage into Rockcastle County.


Whitaker Bank constructed a new branch in Keavy, KY, which extended service into Laurel County.


Whitaker Bank Corporation expanded into Mercer County by acquiring State Bank and Trust. The acquisition allowed Whitaker Bank - Mercer County to serve the communities of Harrodsburg and Salvisa.


Whitaker Bank added insurance services to its product offering by adding Whitaker Insurance Group as a division of the bank's operations in March of 2010. In December of 2010, Whitaker Bank acquired Kentucky Trust Company out of Danville. Operating as a subsidiary of Whitaker Bank, this acquisition allowed Whitaker Bank to begin offering trust services to customers in all of its banking offices across central and eastern Kentucky.

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