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Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a convenient way for you to pay all your bills from one secure web site. Just imagine no more handwritten checks, envelopes, or stamps. It's as simple as logging into Whitaker electronic Banking (WeB) and clicking on Bill Pay to begin paying your bills at your convenience!

To sign up for Bill Pay, simply log-in to your WeB account, select the Bill Pay tab and follow the simple enrollment instructions.


Features of Bill Pay

  • Easily add companies. Our Quick-Add feature lets you add billers by simply typing the company name and your account number.
  • Set up reminders. Use reminders to receive messages when payments are due.
  • Make recurring payments. Set up payments that are the same amount each month like your car or mortgage.
  • Send money to friends and family.
  • Payments can be received in one business day, so no more delay!
  • Group similar payments to stay organized.
  • Receive your bills online with ebills. It's faster, more secure, and easy to keep up with!
  • Set up your payments to pay automatically on the day they are due.
  • Search for past payments in your payment history.
  • Have a question? There is a secure messaging center at your disposal.
  • Reduce your risk of fraud. Bill Pay is more secure than writing a check.
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