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Bonus Benefits



Quality Coverage

As a valued customer of Whitaker Bank, we provide a courtesy service that may pay items that would otherwise overdraw your personal checking account. Items presented for payment may be paid up to your Quality Coverage Limit (including fees). Naturally, our bank offers Quality Coverage as a convenience service and is under no obligation to pay items when your funds are non-sufficient.

There is no annual fee, only the standard overdraft fee of $34.00 applies for each insufficient item presented for payment. If you do not restore your overdrawn account to a positive balance within 30 days, your participation in Quality Coverage is suspended. This unique service covers otherwise returned checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or other electronic withdrawals.

Contact your local branch to learn more about Quality Coverage.

Savings Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself from overdraft! With Whitaker Bank’s Savings Overdraft Protection option, an automatic transfer from your savings account will prevent you from accidentally overdrawing your checking account! For only $8 per transaction, you can avoid the time, fees, and hassle normally associated with an overdraft.

Debit Cards

Use your Whitaker Bank Debit Card for all of your everyday purchases. It’s safe, convenient, and accepted anywhere that takes VISA. Your purchases are deducted from your primary checking account, just like a check.

Visit the Whitaker Bank branch nearest you to sign up for your Visa debit card.

For assistance in stopping card activity in the event your card is LOST or STOLEN, please contact your local branch or our 24-hour toll-free “Hot Card” number immediately 1(800) 472-3272.

Check Smart

Reconciling your monthly statement is easy with Check Smart! Check Smart uses an innovative check imaging system to sort your cancelled checks and arrange them in order according to the month in which they were written. Your statements are delivered already hole-punched and ready to file in your Check Smart binder! Whitaker Bank’s Check Smart is the smart and convenient way to reconcile your checkbook.

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